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“Balena” Anchovy Paste

Always Dressed in the Italian Tricolour

“Balena” anchovy paste, always dressed in the Italian tricolour, is our company’s oldest product.  It has been recognized as the undisputed market leader and considered an institution in the world of gastronomic specialties...

A timeless classic

There are things that never change, only a few but they do exist.
There are things that do not have to change in order not to age because they know how to stay young, and they become timeless classics.
“Balena” anchovy paste is one of them.

Un classico senza tempo

Ci sono cose che non cambiano mai. Poche ma ci sono.
Cose che non hanno bisogno di cambiare per non invecchiare perchè sanno come restare giovani, divenendo dei classici senza tempo.
La pasta d'acciughe "Balena" è una di queste.

Balena srl

Our Raw Material

Only the finest raw materials can be used in our unique production process that absolutely bars any and all added ingredients: oils, preservatives, flavourings, etc. "Balena" is, in fact, pure anchovy paste with and unmistakable flavour: the delicate flavour of anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea.
For over 140 years, “Balena” anchovy paste, has been synonymous with outstanding, no-compromise quality, embodying the spirit and the letter of Made in Italy.

Balena srl
Our Products

Dedicated to making anchovy paste for more than a century and a half, during this time Balena Srl has added other outstanding quality items to its product range...

and Farfalle...
Paolo Petroni’s Recipes for Balena

“ This is the first time that I am writing recipes for a commercial product. I am making this exception for two classic ingredients of our Italian culinary tradition: Balena anchovy paste and Balena anchovy fillets. These products are made using the finest quality raw materials and expert skills. Today, as always, Balena products honour our country’s finest craft food traditions. ”